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How we protect you from fraud

Have you been affected by fraud?

Monday to Friday 8am - 9pm
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Online Protection

Find out how we protect your online banking experience with industry leading products and online transaction monitoring.

Online protection with our mobile banking app

If you are registered for internet banking, from time to time we will carry out security checks to ensure your account is secure. One of the ways we will do this is through our mobile banking app. When carrying out certain transactions on our internet banking site you will be prompted to log in to your mobile app and authorise your payment, after ensuring all the details supplied are correct. After you authorise the payment through the mobile app, we’ll carry out some checks before the payment status is confirmed.

We will never ask you to move money to a safe account for fraud prevention purposes. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be from the bank’s fraud team or law enforcement asking you to make this payment, do not proceed and contact us immediately on 0800 456 1247.

For additional support on the use of your mobile banking app with the internet banking platform visit our help centre.

Online protection with our transaction monitoring

For your ongoing protection online, our Fraud team may contact you by phone to verify your online transactions on BusinessOnline.

Our Fraud team may also contact you by email (which will include the second part of your postcode) phone or text to verify your online transactions on internet banking.

If we do contact you, please remember we will never request a token 3 response from you.

Always keep your contact details up to date so we can contact you quickly to minimise any inconvenience to you.

Card Protection

Find out how we protect you using your cards with industry leading products and card transaction monitoring.

Card protection with Mastercard® Identity Check™ and Verified by Visa

In association with MasterCard and Visa, we protect your cards against unauthorised use when you shop online at participating retailers by assessing whether additional security information is needed to verify your purchase. In most cases, no further verification is required but, in certain circumstances, we’ll ask for some additional security information.

We provide you with full details on the secure online shopping section of our website.

Card protection with our transaction monitoring

For your protection, our Fraud team may contact you by email, phone or text message (or very occasionally by letter) to verify credit and debit card transactions.

We may sometimes delay or decline transactions that are out of character for you, or even block your account until we can confirm that it is you making the transaction. Always keep your contact details up to date so we can contact you quickly to minimise any inconvenience.

If we do contact you, we will never ask for your PIN or passwords.


Find out how we support your travel experience and how we protect you when you apply for our products

Supporting you using your cards when you go abroad

You don't need to tell us when you are travelling abroad, we will monitor your account in the same way as if you were using your card in the UK.

Supporting you with our application fraud monitoring

We use industry leading application fraud monitoring systems to protect you against the risk of application fraud whereby fraudsters open an account, which could be anything from a credit card account or loan, to a mortgage using fake or stolen documents in someone else’s name.

More information

Find out about the latest industry initiatives and campaigns which we are supporting to protect you and keep you safe.

In order to ensure we are up-to-date with and provide you with the latest fraud information we are collaborating with industry on campaigns and initiatives. Dedicated information for customers can be found on recommended industry websites:

Additional help

Financial fraud action

FFA UK is responsible for leading the collective fight against financial fraud on behalf of the UK payments industry.

Cyber streetwise

A UK Government campaign offering a variety of tips and advice on the essentials for enjoying a safe online experience.

Met police

The Metropolitan police fraud team provide information as a resource to assist in combatting fraud and to prevent you becoming a victim of crime.

Branch locator

Find your nearest Yorkshire Bank branch, Business and Private Banking centre or ATM

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Contact us

If you have any concerns about fraudulent activity, please give us a call on:

0800 456 1247

  • Monday to Friday 8am - 9pm
    Saturday 8am - 9pm
    Sunday 10am - 5pm
  • Please note all our calls to our lines are recorded for training and security purposes.

Internet Banking help centre

You can find more information about Internet Banking in our help centre

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