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Transaction alerts

Get notifications to help you keep track of your money

Take charge of your transactions

Get text alerts sent to your phone to help you keep track of your account. Pick the transactions you want to know about and stay on top of your spending - plus it'll help you identify payments you haven't made and prevent fraud.

Choose your alerts

Pick which payments you want to know about.

Take charge of your account

Stay on top of your finances by keeping tabs on what you're spending.

Simple to get started

Set up alerts quickly on our app where you can manage them easily.

Prevent fraud

Help fight fraud by identifying unusual transactions quickly.

Transaction alerts can be set up for:

  • ATM transactions
  • Online transactions
  • Regular payments (e.g. monthly subscription to a streaming service)
  • Payments over a set amount
  • Transactions made abroad
  • In-person card payments (e.g. Chip & Pin or Contactless)

Set up transaction alerts by following these simple steps

Step 1
Log on

  • Use our app or log in to Internet Banking.

Get the app

Get online

Step 2
Get alerts

  • Set up alerts by selecting Manage your alerts in Internet Banking, or go to the Alerts tab in the app.

    Choose the account you want to get alerts for if you have more than one account.

Step 3
Choose alerts

  • Pick the alerts you want to receive.

    You'll be able to see the alerts you can choose to turn on or off.

Get the Yorkshire Bank app

Staying in control of your cash when you're out and about with Yorkshire Bank mobile banking app is easier than ever. The app is full of useful features and we're constantly making it better based on your feedback - making sure you stay in control of your banking.

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