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Online payments
are changing

New steps to help protect you from fraud

What’s Strong Customer Authentication?

It’s part of new banking regulations to make things safer when you bank and transact online. So, from 14 September 2019 there’ll be an extra level of security when you make online card payments and when you use internet banking.

What it means for you

What you’ll have to do depends on whether you’re paying by card or using internet banking.

When you pay with your card online

When you purchase goods or services online, we will identify it's you using your card details and:

Through the app

You’ll be prompted to authorise payments through the app

Using your mobile

We'll send a 6 digit one-time passcode to your mobile or landline

When you’re using internet banking

As well as your customer number and password, there'll be one more step:

Through the app

If you use our app, you’ll confirm your login with a passcode or fingerprint ID

With your mobile phone

If you are not registered for our app, we'll send a 6 digit one-time passcode to your mobile or landline

With your security token

If you have a security token, you can use it to generate a secure number

Some transactions won’t need to be verified – including recurring transactions and low-value payments.

For extra security if you use contactless frequently or if you haven't used Chip and PIN in a while you may be asked to enter your PIN. If the card terminal has not been upgraded, a ‘card declined’ message will appear. In the event of receiving a declined message, you should attempt to pay using Chip and PIN rather than contactless.

How to be ready for the change

Once the changes come in, the easiest and quickest way to confirm payments and bank online will be using our mobile banking app. If you already use our banking app, you just need to make sure you have the latest version before then.

If you don’t have our app, make sure we have your current mobile or landline number (call us on 0800 456 1247 or visit us in branch if you’re not certain). You can check the details we hold about you on internet banking by logging in and viewing your contact information from the 'More' menu.

If you prefer to use your security token, be sure to keep it handy for when you make payments.

If we can’t verify it’s you, we will stop you from logging into your account online and your card transactions will be declined.

Your rights when making payments in Europe

The European Commission has created a leaflet so you can read more about your rights when making payments in Europe(PDF, opens in a new window). It tells you about some of the changes we’ve talked about above and some other ones too. You may have already experienced the changes when logging onto Internet Banking and paying using your Contactless Debit Card. The timescales for introducing strong customer authentication have changed since it was published.

Download the Yorkshire Bank app

Make sure you’re prepared, download our app now and you can read more about fraud prevention here.

Frequently asked questions

What is the password I am asked for when making a payment?

This is your internet banking password, it is an additional layer of security used when logging in to internet banking. The password would have been created when you set up internet banking. This will be between 6 to 16 characters long, contain at least one number and one letter and at least one special character.

If you need to reset your password go to here.

Where can I find which version of the app I am using?

App version number (e.g. v 2.17) is shown under About Yorkshire Bank in the app which can be found in the More tab. It is useful to have this ready if you are getting help from us about your app.

How do I update my app?

The latest version of the app can be found in official AndroidTM Google Play store or AppleTM App Store on your device. Search for Yorkshire Bank and click the Update option and the latest version of the app will be downloaded to your device.

If you are an iOS user and you cannot update your app, it may be because your device is not compatible with version 2.18 or later of the app. If your device is on the list of incompatible devices, you will no longer be able to use the mobile app. However, you can still do your banking on your device, just click login to Yorkshire internet banking on a browser.

If you are still having problems, please call us on 0800 456 1247. We are open Monday to Saturday 8AM – 8PM, with Sundays opening from 10 AM to 5PM.

Telephone banking self service remains 24 hours.

How secure is the mobile app to keep my information safe?

Our mobile app conforms to the two factor authentication industry standard for mobile banking. This means, you are required to have two separate identifiers in place to use the service – a mobile smartphone / table and your own security information. Combined, this ensure that only you have secure access to your accounts.

Why has my transaction been declined when I used my card online?

All Banks and Retailers are working to ensure customers making online card payments benefit from Strong Customer Authentication, an additional layer of protection first introduced in 2020.

Therefore, the number of times you’re asked to verify it’s you making the payment may increase. If the retailer doesn’t adhere to the new process, there could be times when your card transaction may be declined.

We hope it won’t be too long before all Retailers are supporting Strong Customer Authentication, but until then, where this happens, please contact the Retailer you’re sending the money to, and ask if they have an alternative way you could pay them.