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Switch to a new deal

New deals for existing Yorkshire Bank mortgage customers

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Switch your Yorkshire Bank mortgage online

Is your current Yorkshire Bank mortgage deal coming to an end? You can switch to a new deal with Yorkshire Bank in the final three months before your current rate expires, without incurring any early repayment charges. If you're already on one of our lender variable rates, you can switch to a new deal at any time.

The process is straightforward - just complete the following steps:


  • Read the important information
  • Confirm you meet the criteria


  • Answer the qualifying questions
  • Review your mortgage options
  • Illustrate your choice of product to apply to switch online, or speak to one of our mortgage advisors
  • Apply to switch mortgage


  • Complete the online form
  • We’ll send your offer by post
  • Review the contents of the offer document
  • If we don't hear from you, after 7 days we'll put your new mortgage deal into place

Before you get started

Important information

If you are currently in a fixed or discounted deal period you can start the switch process up to a maximum of 180 days before your current deal expires. Any new deal can be completed without penalty during the last 3 months of the current rate. Please indicate on the online application form whether you would like your rate to change as soon as possible, or after the expiry of your current rate.

If you have previously made lump sum credits and/or overpayments to your mortgage with a view to using our borrow back facility in the future, by transferring to a new deal you will lose the ability to withdraw these funds.

If you select a fixed rate mortgage product you will not be eligible to link any offset accounts against your mortgage. If you currently have an offset mortgage any offset account linkage will cease when a fixed rate comes into force.

Any application to switch rates will result in the recalculation of your monthly payments to the minimum amount required to repay the mortgage within your originally agreed term. Where you have been making overpayments or offsetting balances against your mortgage with the intention of repaying your mortgage early you will need to contact us after the completion of the switching application. We will then be able to reinstate the overpayment amount required to reach any early repayment goals that you have.

The online switch service can't be used if you're not sure which deal is right for you, our mortgage team can talk you through your options. In this situation, please call our mortgage team.

Switch your mortgage online

You can switch mortgage online if:

  • You still use the property in the same way, e.g. it’s still your main home, and you can still meet your mortgage requirements
  • You don’t want to change your borrowing amount and want to keep the same term
  • The mortgage term remaining is at least 64 months and less than 35 years with an outstanding loan amount of less than £1 million
  • The mortgage term does not run beyond when you expect to retire from work and you have not incurred any mortgage arrears within the last 6 months
  • You don’t want to add or remove any parties to or from the mortgage and you don’t want to change the repayment method

You will need your mortgage account number to switch online. You can find this on your mortgage statement or other mortgage related letters.

Interested in a mortgage?

Your next steps

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  • If you've got any questions, get in touch.

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