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Insurance intermediaries

We understand that insurance broking is a people business, and that its true value lies in this intangible asset, not in the balance sheet. It’s this understanding that differentiates us from some other banks.

Growth strategies through acquisition can be unlocked by understanding your business and its retention rates delivering cash generation. Our experts are on hand to offer dedicated support and help make your plans a reality.

Opportunities for regional firms

Many regional brokers see opportunities in selling to a national operator, while others recognise that this could adversely affect client and staff relationships.

Those that wish to retain control of their business see greater opportunities in acquiring smaller businesses themselves. An acquisition strategy can help to diversify your existing business streams, and make your business more attractive when you consider your own exit route in years to come. This is where Yorkshire Bank can help.

How can we help

We can structure a debt facility to mirror the upfront and deferred consideration payments — an arrangement that is bespoke to your business. This is often preferable to equity funding which generally means relinquishing some control.

What sets us apart?

We understand the market and how your business differs from the large national operators. The strength of client relationships, potentially dating back many years, is the foundation for your future business cash flows.

With the sector likely to see continued consolidation you’ll be aware of opportunities in your own area and may want to work with a bank that sees strong customer relationships as the foundation of their business. Our experts are on hand to offer dedicated support and help make your plans a reality.

Deal Highlights

Clear Insurance Management

£6.6m of term loan, acquisition and overdraft facilities were provided by the Bank,supporting this UK based insurance brokers growth strategy.

Head of Insurance

Head of Finance Industry & Insurance - Paul Hambrook
Paul Hambrook

07917 651683

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Why choose us?

  • Debt facilities for up to five years
  • Receive up to 70% of any acquisition funding requirement, subject to pre-agreed criteria
  • Flexible repayment profile, mirroring your cash flows
  • Banking relationship through our dedicated Insurance Broker Team

We may be able to help if you're:

  1. An existing business with a profitable track record
  2. A business with a diverse client book with solid retention rates
  3. Planning for future growth through acquisition
  4. Fed up with your existing bank, who you feel don't understand your enterprise value

Important information

Terms and conditions apply. All facilities are subject to status and eligibility. Over 18s only. Fees may apply. Please note that security may be required. Any asset used as security will be at risk if you break the agreement and may be sold to repay your debt. The products described may not be suitable for all requirements and circumstances. In accordance with its Terms of Business, the Bank is not providing advice in respect of these products. In addition, the Bank only provides information on the products, services and transactions provided by it or a member of the Bank’s group. It is your responsibility to seek any financial, tax and/or legal advice that you require. Any decision to enter into a transaction with us is on the basis that you have made your own assessment, with or without additional professional advice, of the suitability of the product for your requirements.