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Employee financial well-being

Empower your employees with a new world of banking

Yorkshire Bank understands and supports your business through the critical events in the business lifecycle; we want to support your employees through the crucial events in their life.

We are a forward-thinking organisation, built on ambition, grit and innovation. As part of our relationship with your business, we can provide your employees with a bespoke service.

We can bring the bank to you, helping your staff with their financial needs and providing information and support at a time and place which suits you.

Since we opened our doors in 1859 we’ve set out to support the communities in which we live and work. Today, more than ever, we’re devoted to giving our customers the best possible service in a competitive market.

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We’re committed to your employees’ financial well-being:

  • Financial education – topics as diverse as helping your staff to manage their money better, saving for the future or helping them better understand the home-buying process
  • Regular on-site one-to-one sessions where your employees can tap into the expertise of a banking specialist. We’ll aim to leave your colleagues feeling better about their finances, whoever they bank with.

Key benefits and key stats

Benefits for employers:

  • Financially confident employees are generally more productive
  • Increased employee engagement as this type of support is valued
  • Can be considered an important part of the overall well-being of your workforce

Benefits for employees:

  • Feel more confident about their finances
  • How to kickstart their savings to achieve financial goals
  • Help understanding the home-buying process
  • Other sessions tailored to their needs

Key Stats

1 in 4

Number of UK employees who say money worries affect their productivity in work [1]



of employees are making uninformed financial decisions about saving or spending [2]


of employees would value employer-facilitated support to help their financial well-being [3]

8% of employees have spent time during the working day dealing with money problems [4]



of employees with 'current' financial worries state money concerns prevent them from performing their best at work [5]


of employers agreed that financial concerns have an impact on employees' workplace performance [6]

What we offer


Help your employees take control of their money

1-2-1 sessions

Our banking specialists available on-site to help your staff

Financial education

Help your employees save for the future or understand the home-buying process

Make the most of your bank

Help your staff bank smarter

Customer testimonial - how we can make a difference

“For an organisation to thrive it needs to have the right resources to meet the challenges ahead. The bank have supported the business in respect of funding to meet these challenges. In a welcome addition, they have also supported our business in respect of its most important resource - our employees. On-site presentations and provision of individual support from the bank have improved our employees’ financial well-being, which has helped in maintaining a high level of employee engagement and performance.”

Park Cakes Ltd

“We believe that a stress-free workforce is a powerful one and when I heard about the financial well-being support the Bank could offer our team I thought it was a great idea. Whether buying a new home, making plans for the future or just in need of some guidance on day-to-day budgeting, employees can speak to the Bank’s Financial Well-being team right here in our offices. The support has been invaluable and the feedback from staff has been excellent.”

Love Energy Savings

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Speak to your relationship manager or call: 0800 032 2593

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