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Email instructions - frequently asked questions


Which areas of the bank will accept my email instructions?

This service is for Business & Private Bank customers with an allocated relationship manager.

Which Business & Private bank account types will you accept email instructions from?

If you are a Private Bank Customer you will be able to provide email instructions for all your Current Accounts that are Relationship Managed by a Private Relationship Manager (irrespective of whether it is a specific Private Current Account or Retail Current Account).

For Business customers – any of the following types of account will be able to provide instructions via email:

  • Business Current Accounts;
  • Cash Management Account;
  • Offset Business Savings Account;
  • Business / Corporate Notice Accounts.

(We cannot accept email instructions in relation to Term Deposits / ISA’s / 40 Day Notice Accounts as the type of transactions covered would not be of any benefit on these types of accounts).

What types of transactions can I instruct the bank via email?

Please refer to the table below for the ‘low risk’ type of transactions being accepted:

Type of task Instruction
Action to be taken on account:
  • Amend statement frequency / issue date
  • Cancel all Direct Debits
  • Cancel all Standing Orders
  • Cancel individual / multiple Direct Debit(s)
  • Cancel individual / multiple Standing Order(s)
  • Stop debit / credit card
  • Cancelling a cheque
  • Stop cheque book
Request to be sent a form:
  • Setting up Automatic Funds Transfer between account in same name – Private Banking customers only
  • Notice Account – Withdrawal
  • Open new account (existing customer)
Request for information or item:

This will be sent via post to your account address held on our systems
  • Copy of cheque
  • Duplicate statement
  • Interest certificate
  • Interim statement
  • List of Direct Debits
  • List of Standing Orders
  • Order new / replacement cheque book
  • Order pay in book
  • Order replacement debit / credit card
  • Reactivate / change type - cheque book
What if I email a request for a transaction that is not covered on the pre-specified list?

This will not be actioned and we would contact you advising that you require to re-submit the request via the normal channels i.e. post or telephone using Identification & Verification protocols.

It may be for these types of transactions more appropriate for you to sign up for our Online Channels i.e. Business Internet Banking.

I already use a secure email service, does this replace it?

No, this is in addition to the secure email service. This new service is for ‘low risk’ and non-sensitive instructions – refer to table above.

My account mandate states 2 (or more) are required to sign; do I need to send an email from each authorised signatory?

No, as these are ‘low risk’ type transactions which do not result in the flow of funds from a customer’s account. We will therefore accept 1 email from an authorised signatory for these transactions.

Will I receive a confirmation that my email has been received?

Yes, automated responses will be sent back confirming receipt of your email and that we will only contact you in the event of a query regarding the request.

We will never contact you via email to ask for your account number, or your telephone or internet banking passwords. If you receive that kind of request by email, please do not respond to it.

Can I instruct you of more than one transaction, either the same type or different in the same email?

Yes, as long as the instructions on the email are for the accepted transaction types then you only have to send in one email.

What if I inadvertently use the wrong email address to submit my instructions?

In the first instance we will forward the instruction to the correct email address and contact you advising of the correct email address that you should be using.