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Products & solutions

International solutions that work for you

Your overseas trading needs are unique to your business. So it’s good to know we can tailor International Solutions to your unique requirements. We will identify your business goals and propose solutions that help you achieve them.

Fees apply. Exclusions may apply. Subject to status and eligibility. A Yorkshire Bank account is required.

The following is a brief summary of our international solutions. For further information on all our products and services and details of fees and charges, please contact your international manager.

Import Letters of Credit

Gain confidence doing business abroad

An Import Letter of Credit from Yorkshire Bank gives your supplier more certainty that they will be paid providing they comply with its terms. This can help you negotiate better credit terms with your supplier. It will also give your supplier the confidence to start production and ship the goods you need straightaway. To improve cash flow, your supplier might also be able to discount the Letter of Credit with their own bank.

Export Letters of Credit

Receive prompt payment for goods sold overseas

To help make sure you receive payment on time, you can ask your buyer to arrange an Export Letter of Credit advised through Yorkshire Bank. While not guaranteed, this is a safer way to receive payment, provided its terms and conditions are met. With an Export Letter of Credit in place, your overseas buyer’s bank commits to paying you on the buyer’s behalf.

Documentary Collections

Secure your international payments

Our Documentary Collections service allows you to pay – or receive payment – for goods securely. The seller ships the goods and provides documents to their bank requesting they collect payment. The banks in the seller’s and buyer’s countries then work together to make sure the documents are only released when payment has been made or the buyer has promised to pay.

We’ll help collect payments for your exports using a local agent bank, making it safer than dealing with clients direct.

International Guarantees

Supporting your overseas contracts

If your overseas customers require assurance you can deliver or that you have the financial strength to successfully complete a contract, an International Guarantee could be the solution. We can issue an International Guarantee or bond on your behalf, which means Yorkshire Bank are standing behind you. This provides your customers with the financial security they need to do business with you.

Trade Finance

Enter international markets with confidence

To complement our International Guarantees, Letters of Credit and Collections we also provide a range of bespoke international trade solutions tailored to your particular business needs. These include import trade finance (import loans), Export trade finance (export loans), avalisations and discounting bills to name just a few. Access to this material enables us to construct a complete international solution which maximises your cash flow and helps your business to grow.

International Payments

Speed up your international payments

SWIFT makes sending and receiving international payments fast, reliable and secure. Just send written instructions to your Business and Private Banking Centre or through BusinessOnline, and we’ll send payments in any major currency of your choice. Even better, SWIFT payments are received direct in your beneficiaries’ bank accounts. So you can be sure your funds are reaching the correct destination.

Please be aware that because SWIFT payments are linked to foreign exchange and currency rates, this may stop you, either in part of full, benefiting from any favourable changes in the underlying market.

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

Protect the value of your payments

If your business exports or imports goods or services, or makes and accepts payments in foreign currencies, you need to consider protecting yourself against changes in the relevant exchange rate.

Our dedicated Treasury specialists will work closely with you, providing various treasury services that reduce your foreign exchange risk. From converting multiple payments and collecting income in different currencies to setting realistic budgets, we offer several risk management services. We also provide ongoing information on exchange rates.

Additionally, we will review your current foreign currency and payment processes and recommend ways to improve and streamline them. Our foreign exchange dealers can also guide you on all aspects of treasury management.

Trading of a speculative nature is strictly prohibited.

Please note that by transacting certain structures within our product offering you may no longer be able to participate in favourable market moves.