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Business Banking Tariff

See International Tariff

See Business Interest Rates or Business Credit Card Interest Rates

You can also download your account tariff:

Business Tariffs
Open to Available to Business Customers (including companies, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, sole traders, clubs & societies, charities and Schools)
Introductory Offer 25 months’ free banking** – for start-ups opening their first account within 12 months of beginning trading
or 25 months’ free banking** – for established small businesses switching to Yorkshire Bank from another provider

See Freebanking for more information
Service / Description / Price
Business Tariff £6.50 per month
Automated Entries
Direct Debits, Standing Orders and other automated debits 30p
Credits 30p
Credit via the ATM Deposit Cash and Cheque Option No charge
(Charges for Cash Paid In and Cheques Remitted are still applicable at the rates shown below)
Manual Entries
Cheques and other manual debits 70p
Credits 70p
Cheques Remitted 30p per cheque
Cash Paid In 65p (per £100)
Cash Paid Out 65p (per £100)
Cash Exchanged £1.30 (per £100)*

*Only applies to amounts greater than £100

Borrowing Charges
  Debit Interest Rate
Planned Borrowing
Unplanned Borrowing^ 29.25 33.51  
Unplanned Borrowing^
Professional Firms Clients Account
29.25 32.62  
Daily Unplanned
Borrowing Fee‡
Arrangement Fees for Loans and Overdrafts (you will be advised when this charge shall be applied at the time)

^ In the event that you exceed your borrowing arrangements without prior agreement, a higher rate of interest will be charged on the excess borrowing.

**Offer applies to new Small Business Banking customers with a turnover of less than £2 million switching their main business current account or start ups opening first account within 12 months of beginning trading. No charges apply to cash or cheque deposits and withdrawals, Direct Debits or other automated transactions. Borrowing facilities up to £250,000 available subject to status, fees apply. Charges for “additional services” and “borrowing charges” are not part of the free banking offer and are highlighted in our business banking tariff. Cash limit (paid in, paid out or exchanged) of £250,000 per annum. At the end of the free banking period, you will move to our business banking tariff.

‡ As explained in the Terms and Conditions applicable to your Account, Unplanned Borrowing that totals less than the Buffer Amount will not attract the Daily Unplanned Borrowing Fee. The Buffer Amount is currently £25.00.

Other Day to Day Charges
Returned Item Fee:
Standing Orders, Direct Debits and Cheques which you authorise but which we return unpaid
£16 per item
We will not charge the Returned Item Fee if the value of the unpaid item is £16.00 or less. This is the Returned Item Fee Buffer Amount.  

Debit card transactions

Transaction Type Retailer/ ATM location Currency Fees
Debit Card Cash withdrawal Within the EEA (including UK) Currency is Pound Sterling, Euro, Swedish Krona or Romanian Leu Fee not charged Where a foreign purchase transaction is refunded by a retailer, the purchase transaction amount will be credited back to the account based on the exchange rate on the day of refund. Any fee charged for the original transaction will not be refunded. For any Foreign Transaction reversals, any fee charged will be reversed.
All remaining currencies 3.75% of transaction value, min £1.50
Outside the EEA All currencies (including Pound Sterling) 3.75% of transaction value, min £1.50
Debit Card Payments Within the EEA (including UK) Currency is Pound Sterling, Euro, Swedish Krona or Romanian Leu Fee not charged
All remaining currencies 2.75% of transaction value, min £1.50
Outside the EEA All currencies (including Pound Sterling) 2.75% of transaction value, min £1.50

Debit card payments in a foreign currency are limited to £10,000 per day for retail/private debit Mastercard contactless cards and £5,000 per day for all others.

Charges for our most common additional services
Bankers Draft (up to & including £100,000) £30.00 per draft
Stopped Cheque £10 (per cheque)
Night Safes
On Issue
Per Quarter

CHAPS Payment (same day payment)
(Cancellation, fate enquiries and amendments may attract an additional charge of £18.00. Fate enquiries or Investigations initiated after 6 months may be charged at £50; and after 12 months may be charged at £100. Additional agent charges may also be applied. Back valuation of payments, where requested, may incur additional charges which will be advised to you at the time of your request)
Copies of confirmations/advices £5 per item

Inward Foreign Payments
Audit Letters £27.50 (per hour)
(minimum £27.50) + VAT
Certificate of Interest Paid £5
Additional statement
Duplicate statement

£2.00 per copy
£5.00 per copy
Status Enquiry £10 + VAT

Receiving Money From Outside The UK

Transaction Type Location Currency Fee
SEPA No Charge
SWIFT * Within the EEA All Currencies including Sterling up to £100 (or equivalent) No Charge
Currency is Euro, Swedish Krona or Romanian Leu over £100 (or equivalent) No Charge
All remaining currencies including sterling over £100 (or equivalent) £7.00
SWIFT Outside the EEA All currencies under £100 (or equivalent) No Charge
All currencies over £100 (or equivalent) £7.00
Copies of confirmations/ advices £5.00 per item

* List of countries within the EEA
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czehc Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy,Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK

Other Services
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
New Issue PKI Smartcard £70 (per 3 year life cycle)
Replacement PKI Smartcard £70 (per 3 year life cycle)
Additional PKI Smartcard £70 (per 3 year life cycle)
Signing Solution Software Nil
International Services
Your branch or your Relationship Manager can provide you with details of the wide range of services which we offer Please ask your Relationship Manager or a member of staff for further details and a copy of the International Tariff.

For further details on any of our charges please contact your local branch or Business Manager.

† EAR (Effective Annual Rate) - The Effective Annual Rate is used to express the cost of borrowing on current accounts. The EAR takes account of the interest rate charged, the frequency it is levied to accounts and compounding of interest, it does not include overdraft fees.

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