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Preparing for your mortgage appointment

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

What you’ll need to start your application

Your telephone appointment with a mortgage advisor is an important step on the way to buying your new home. It may be a little nerve-wracking but it’s entirely painless. Your advisor will ask you a few questions and look at some documents. It may seem like you need to have everything but the kitchen sink and a copy of your favourite album during your mortgage appointment but it’s all evidence to make sure that you can afford to pay the mortgage you’re applying for. You can get a head start by checking our mortgage calculator to get an estimate of your monthly payments. Our guide to the financial considerations of home ownership also contains useful advice. Although they will need some information from you, your advisor is there to help. If there’s anything you don’t understand, just ask.

Mortgage calculator

There are so many parts of the process of getting a mortgage that can go more quickly than expected or take longer. You can help to keep the process moving by being informed and prepared at every stage, starting with your appointment.

You’ll need to know:

  • The names and dates of birth of any financial dependants
  • Your income, monthly and yearly. If it’s a joint application you’ll need figures for both parties
  • When you are due to retire
  • What credit cards you have, the outstanding balances and interest rates
  • Any loans you may have, outstanding balances and interest rates
  • Any other regular expenditure:

    • Other mortgage payments
    • Maintenance, childcare, school fees
    • Maintenance or alimony payments
    • Building insurance
    • Car insurance
    • Other essential insurance
    • What you spend on groceries and housekeeping
    • Gas and/ or electricity bills
    • Council Tax
    • Water (Not in Scotland)
    • Ground rental (Freehold or leasehold)
    • Essential Travel (petrol or public transport)
    • Telephone (Landline and mobile phone of all dependants & applicants)
    • Other expenses (TV Licence, satellite TV subscriptions, memberships of gyms or clubs)

You’ll be asked:

  • How much do you wish to borrow?
  • What your deposit is and where it is coming from (e.g. savings, a gift).
  • What type of mortgage you’d prefer (e.g. fixed rate, variable rate). Our advisor will explain these but you can get a head start by reading our guide to first time buyers’ mortgage options.

You’ll need to have to hand:

  • Photographic proof of ID such as a passport or a full UK driving licence, unless you are already a customer of Yorkshire Bank.
  • Payslips, If you’re paid:

    • Monthly - your last payslip
    • Four weekly - your last 2 payslips
    • Fortnightly - your last 4 payslips
    • Weekly - your last 4 payslips
    • If you’re self-employed (sole trader, partnership, LLP or limited company), you will need; your financial accounts for the past two years OR 3 years' HMRC Tax Calculation with accompanying Tax Year Overviews, 3 months’ business bank statements, and a completed Self-Employed Supplementary Form. For limited company directors, an accountant's letter confirming shareholding and any remuneration paid in the last 3 years. See our guide to self employed considerations.

For all documents listed above, we accept them in the format of a scanned copy or photograph.

Having the answers to these questions prepared and all the appropriate evidence to hand can speed up your appointment and get your application off to a great start. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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